Body massage

We begin our conversation with the fact that body massage always begins with sympathy. Given that there is no intimacy in the session, sexual pleasure is obtained as a result of the gentle touches of the masseuse to the client’s body, and especially to its erogenous zones. And to get full satisfaction is possible only with mutual sympathy.

     Fatigue, irritation and tension (or stress) are a ruthless scourge for every resident of a modern city, especially such as Kiev. Because of ignorance and lack of understanding of themselves, people become depressed, consume excessive amounts of alcohol and chemical stimulants, but it’s so easy to find a way out of negativity! Alas, historical textbooks often tell us about great personalities and deeds, but rarely about great discoveries. This is especially true of discoveries in the field of human self-knowledge.
It is strange to think that the ancient Romans, Chinese or Greeks did not suffer from stress, because wars and physical confrontation were part of their active life. They just knew that any stress goes away under the influence of body massage. And although many sources are silent about this fact, but the real body massage in ancient times was done naked. Modern erotic massage in Ukraine reveals to us that part of physiotherapy that has long been hidden from a wide range of European populations due to religious and ethical standards. Fortunately, in Kiev today you can discover not only delicious borsch, but also high-quality erotic massage in Kiev in a professional massage salon. And this is a high indicator of a cultural metropolis. Another indicator is that massage parlors in Kiev are an organized and professional phenomenon. Here, European and Eastern body massage are combined with a subtle mastery of aromatherapy, knowledge of the psychology and energy of the body. If you don’t believe in the eastern theories of the universe, it’s easier not to bother yourself, and stop waiting for “incredible massage and unprecedented sensations”. And the feeling will be, believe me!

To begin with, you will definitely appreciate the atmosphere of the massage room – a good massage parlor suggests a refined interior and a pleasant atmosphere. Then you will feel light aromas – first a bouquet, and then, during the massage, you can feel each of them. This is how aromatic oils used in lamps act and applied to the bodies of massage therapists. Then your body will gradually plunge into zero gravity, bestowed by an amazing massage – from the head to the toes, each centimeter of your body will tremble from touching. And … here it is, a moment that is impossible to look forward to – one can only expect it. A hot body, at first light, and then more intense, touches, and just saturates you with the desire to breathe, fly up into the clouds and turn mountains over! Each time the body massage gives new sensations, and several masseurs can do it at the same time. Since the body massage salon offers each client a choice of specialists, you can enjoy the individuality of the performance technique, and this is the main feature that distinguishes professionals with equal training.

       The most striking effect of body massage is the energy transmitted from body to body. In simple terms: physiotherapists have long understood that naked bodies, interacting with each other in a certain way, create an aura that can activate organs, stimulate the release of hormones, have a beneficial effect on nerve cells (hence the body’s reactions), as well as periodic repetition, relieve stress, fears and mental disorders. But knowledge alone for the effect will not be enough for you – you need to put it into practice. Come to our body massage in the massage parlor, see you in Kiev!