Thai erotic massage

Thai massage (in the original Nuad in Thai) is based on various teachings on the human energy field – like Chinese traditional medicine or Indian yoga. With its help, there is an effect on acupressure points, which, in turn, helps to get rid of many diseases. In Thailand, this type of massage is widely known precisely for its healing capabilities.

Thai erotic massage as an ancient method of treating all kinds of diseases has a long history. It was founded by Dr. Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha from North India, the personal physician of one of the Indian kings (by the way, a contemporary of Buddha and his healer Magadha, King Bimbisara).

One of the features of Thai erotic massage is less use of mechanical effects on human muscle tissue, in contrast to Western massage. It is addressed specifically to certain lines and areas of the largest energy accumulation (these are the so-called meridians in Chinese medicine).

Acting on specific areas of the body, masters of classic Thai massage exert influence on the internal organs of a person, while a pleasant relaxed state is achieved.

In most massage parlors you will be offered a general Thai massage lasting about sixty minutes. The most valuable massage lasts two or two and a half hours: quality and duration are the key to an effective and more pleasant for the Client session of this type of massage.

Classical Thai massage does not imply a certain sequence of actions performed by the masseuse. There is a fairly large number of them, but each time they are selected at the discretion of the masseuse, depending on the characteristics of the Client.