Thai erotic massage

Thai massage (in the original Nuad in Thai) is based on various teachings on the human energy field – like Chinese traditional medicine or Indian yoga. With its help, there is an effect on acupressure points, which, in turn, helps to get rid of many diseases. In Thailand, this type of massage is widely known precisely for its healing capabilities.

Relax massage

Erotic massage traditionally begins with a relaxing full body massage. Having poured a little oil, for massage, on the palms, rub the palms. Be sure to warm your hands, remember your palms, during the massage, should be warm, in no case cold and not wet. The touch of cold hands during the massage delivers only unpleasant sensations.

Learning to do erotic massage

What is erotic massage? The very phrase, erotic massage, gives us a hint that this is a massage with elements of eroticism. I would like to note that for conducting an erotic massage, it is necessary to create a certain atmosphere.

Of course, the procedure of erotic massage itself can give incredible pleasure, but if you create a certain atmosphere, you will get emotions much more colorful.

Types of massage

Body massage is a frank dance in which the whole world falls at your feet, the most beautiful dream winds at your hips, and the most desirable minute lasts dozens of times longer … Frank, exploding with the wild dynamics of an amazing female body, body massage has become a favorite in massage salons of Kiev. Adrenaline at the peak of the scale, and it … magically smelling, perfect, which you feel with every cell of a burning body