Learning to do erotic massage. Preparation for erotic massage.

What is erotic massage? The very phrase, erotic massage, gives us a hint that this is a massage with elements of eroticism. I would like to note that for conducting an erotic massage, it is necessary to create a certain atmosphere.

Of course, the procedure of erotic massage Lviv itself can give incredible pleasure, but if you create a certain atmosphere, you will get emotions much more colorful. So, let’s start, for starters, the room in which your massage will take place must be warm so that the person being massaged or the person being massaged does not freeze and can enjoy the fullness of the process. Secondly, the atmosphere itself: place and light candles and incense, cover a sheet, instead of the usual one on which you sleep: satin, or satin, preferably bright colors (red, burgundy, pink, blue, purple, lilac), any color, which will bring novelty and color to your relationship. Choose a massage oil, remember, it should be at room temperature, if you are well aware that the person you are going to massage is not allergic to, feel free to choose massage oil with the addition of essential oil, that is, flavored. Each aroma has its own purpose, therefore, when you choose oil, pay attention, and it is better to decide in advance what aroma the oil should have. If in doubt about allergic reactions, choose neutral baby oil. So, we prepared the room, the bed, chose the oil, then we prepare ourselves. It is necessary to pay attention, completely, to your appearance. Be sure to make a manicure and pedicure, again, I repeat, it is better to choose the color of the varnish in bright colors. Wash and style your hair, remember, today there are no “tails” only beautiful, loose and laid hair, because we are turning into “guria, or geisha”, as it suits anyone. We choose erotic lingerie, the only criterion for your choice should be that this lingerie should suit you in style, color and size. Before the massage, you must take a shower, this should be done by your massaged. Here, I want to note that you can take a shower together by starting your erotic massage right in the shower. Lathering yourself and your partner, abundantly, without a washcloth, only with your palms, not hesitating to touch all places, begin a vertical body massage. Turning your back to the partner, with smooth movements, begin to slide your body along the body of the partner, while sliding, in circular movements, lower yourself a bit, as if sitting down, a little. In order not to slip and not fall, stick on the partner while stroking his body. Then turn around facing the partner and continue the sliding, massaging movements. The ultimate goal of this procedure is bringing the partner to orgasm, but vertical body massage can be the initial stage of erotic massage. Instead of an erotic massage in the shower, you can take a bath or a whirlpool, add 4-5 drops of essential oil, salt and bath foam. Vertical body massage, in this case, replace the horizontal. Use the same technique, but not standing, but lying down. At will, you can take a shower separately from each other. After all, the procedure in the shower is a preparatory stage for traditional erotic massage.