Relax massage

Erotic massage Lviv traditionally begins with a relaxing full body massage. Having poured a little oil, for massage, on the palms, rub the palms. Be sure to warm your hands, remember your palms, during the massage, should be warm, in no case cold and not wet. The touch of cold hands during the massage delivers only unpleasant sensations.

General massage consists of certain techniques. This is stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration. Stroking, light, or superficial relaxes. Stronger stroking, has a tonic effect. Stroking is carried out with the entire surface of the palm, or with your fingers. Constantly monitor the amount of oil on your hands, it should not be much, in this case, the strength of the massage will not be felt. At the same time, not enough oil will cause your efforts to lead to negative feelings, or even painful. Starting from the foot, we stroke with a palm or fingers each centimeter of the partner’s foot. This technique takes 2 minutes, then we move on to rubbing. During this technique, the skin shifts a little, the very word rubbing gives us a hint, we rub the foot of the partner with our palm with sliding movements from the pads of the fingers to the base of the palm. Thus, we warm the tissue. During grinding, if done correctly, you will feel how the body heats up. We start this movement slowly and finish more quickly. The time of this reception is also 2 minutes. And move on to kneading. Admission kneading affects the deeper layers of the muscles, toning and increasing elasticity. The initial kneading is carried out with the pads of the thumbs, in a circular motion with both fingers we knead the entire surface of the foot, and in the same way, we knead each pillow of the toes. Then we proceed to the so-called large kneading, we hold them, clenching our hands into a fist, and knead the surface of the foot. We control the force of pressure, the massage should be soft, but at the same time, the person should feel that it is a massage, and not just light touches, or stroking. You can ask your partner if he is pleased? Pay special attention, massage should not carry pain. Time 2 minutes. And move on to the next vibration-reception. We can carry out this movement with both hands and fingers. Vibrating movements can also be smaller and larger. If we carry out a vibration with a brush, then, clenching a hand into a fist, we conduct vibrating movements along the surface of the foot. We can carry out the same movement with our fingers, in which case, the force of vibration will be smaller. I recommend starting vibratory movements with your fingers and moving on to the fist. After each movement: rubbing, kneading and vibration, we stroke a couple of times. Please note that it is forbidden to massage in the area of ​​moles, any birthmarks, if there is a fungal infection. Massage time of the foot as a whole should take 6-8 minutes. Then you go to the lower leg (lower part of the leg from the knee to the foot), doing all the same movements and go to the thigh (upper part of the leg from the knee to the buttock) and make the same movements in the same sequence. Please note that you carry out all the movements from the bottom up and in no case the other way around. Then go to the second leg, there is the same pattern. Foot, drumstick, thigh. The next stage, buttock massage, here you do massage on the entire surface of the buttocks, simultaneously, with two hands. We begin the movement from between the gluteal folds to the lateral surfaces. We strok, not forgetting to change the amplitude, then we place our fingers wide, and then squeeze them, in this form we perform the following techniques in circular motions: rubbing, kneading and vibration. The duration of the massage of this part of the body is 5-6 minutes. I recommend making the movements smooth and changing the amplitude. There are certain erogenous points on the buttocks, and when they are worked out, your partner will begin to become excited. I will talk about these points and further erotic massage in the next article. In the meantime, you have time to practice doing a relaxing massage of the legs and buttocks.

Have a nice massage!