Types of massage

Body massage
Body massage is a frank dance in which the whole world falls at your feet, the most beautiful dream winds at your hips, and the most desirable minute lasts dozens of times longer … Frank, exploding with the wild dynamics of an amazing female body, body massage has become a favorite in massage salons of Kiev. Adrenaline at the peak of the scale, and it … magically smelling, perfect, which you feel with every cell of a burning body …

Erotic massage
“You need a gentle maiden who will stretch your joints and cleanse your thoughts – I only heal diseases,” sometimes the Bhutanese healer Yayyalla answered the men. Indeed, many experts believe that erotic massage in Kiev is the best preventive complex for a modern healthy man. Sport, for example, gives the body the necessary load, and erotic massage – the release of physical and emotional fatigue.

Double relax
Mmm … This is a special technique that not all masters in Kiev own. But you are lucky – in Avocado everyone knows about special pleasures. Double relaxation – as a process of brewing good coffee: you need to bring to a boil, cool for a minute, and again bring to a boil. But a man is hotter than coffee magic. All the better. Playing with boiling water is not worth it, but with a man whose passion is transformed into an all-consuming volcano … I really want to. Double relaxation reveals new facets – hurry to test yourself.

Massage “Magic of India”
Ayurvedic practices are the greatest treasure of Indian culture. Massage techniques for rubbing healing oils are widely used in Kiev salons. We do not forget about beauty and passion. Together with the rarest oils, your body will absorb our gentle, sometimes pleasantly invigorating, touch.

Massage “Secrets of Thailand”
Thai erotic massage knows the whole world. Behind him, in fact, millions of tourists travel to Thailand every year. But why waste time if the massage salon “Avocado” invites you to this excellent procedure in its walls, in Kiev! Oh yes, this massage program
full of all kinds of sensations, because Thai masters are unsurpassed experts in the techniques of influencing nerve endings. Many of us do not know what sensations can be achieved by properly massaging the ankles …

Foot fetish
Absolutely discouraging feeling, when you do not understand why all the sensations are unfamiliar to you, occurs during the massage “Foot Fetish”. This is a type of massage carried out by legs – slender, glossy from expensive oils, attracting and beckoning to kiss. “Foot fetish”, although it refers to pleasant gaming massages, is also used in wellness techniques, and perfectly relaxes the back muscles.

Massage with kisses
“Kisses are like parachuting: it’s breathtaking from protracted ones”, as the genius of satire Konstantin Melihan says. And he is right! Erotic massage with kisses is not at all when you are just kissed. Massage with kisses is a passionate worship of the object, which is covered with long, very long and, at the same time, not lasting forever, kisses … Relax, allow yourself to be just … Divine!

Massage with reciprocity
There are men who like to touch … And how good that they are! Because for them the massage salon “Avocado” assigned a separate column in the list of services – massage with mutual touches. Do not be ashamed that you cannot restrain yourself, so as not to touch these elastic … this amazing … Come and enjoy the massage the way you want it!

Complex erotic massage included elements of four techniques: intense body, wellness classic, Thai and Japanese. This is a special offer for lovers of erotic massage, which you will find only here, even if you travel all over Kiev.

VIP program
The program for special guests is our pride. It includes two divine baths, and massage treatments of your choice, and an entertainment program with a fascinating erotic dance, and champagne with sweets. If the ancient Greeks, sophisticated in hedonism, lived in modern Kiev, they would not leave our salon.

Temptation massage for women
What does it mean to be a queen and live a royal life? Not at all the same thing. Living in wards and eating on gold is not a lot for many. The modern woman is the queen of her life. And they should admire her, worship her, desire and cherish her. Erotic massage for women is a world of secret, deep and unpredictable experiences. This is a whirlwind of affection, swiftness of fall, softness, firmness, quiet moan …

Complex massage “Pleasure” for women
Of course, we offer you a comprehensive erotic massage for women. Why of course? Women will understand me, because only at the most important moment we want to abandon everything, and then call for an even longer and crazier sequel. In this program, the Avocado salon invites a woman to enjoy the joy of several techniques of erotic massage.
Erotic massage for couples
It is wonderful to contemplate when a couple is enjoying life and each other. Body massage for couples is a very useful practice that strengthens confidence and gives awareness of the need for a partner. Psychologists recommend practicing erotic and body massage for couples who have already lived together for several years, as a psychotherapeutic practice. Massage in a pair removes domestic grievances and undisclosed complexes. Allow yourself to watch how your “soul mate” is healing, learn it, participate in the process!

Comprehensive program for couples
A great offer for a couple to visit the massage parlor – a comprehensive program. It allows you to make an individual selection of massage techniques, discover new sensations together with a partner. Watch your partners, feel with them, learn to give them happiness. An erotic massage for a couple is also a great gift idea for a partner. We invite you to unforgettably celebrate an important date by visiting the Secret Room salon in Kiev.